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Facebook Event Invites

If you are in a band or are working in the live music industry, then you’re no doubt spending a great deal of time inviting people to concerts. Hopefully you are using a variety of methods, Facebook event invites being one of the main methods. This is great as long as you are doing it in a constructive way.

I get invited to loads of events, which is great, but it can be a tad annoying being invited to gigs in Reading when I’m based in London. This can also get under your fans skin and lead to your invites getting ignored, or even worse lead to your fans un-friending, un-following or blocking your content.

Facebook does not seem to provide a way of filtering current friends by location, but most people have a good idea of who most of their friends are and their locations. It may take a little longer but the following method will gain a more engaged response.

With your event open in one browser window, open another window with all your friends listed (making them fit on your screen(s) side by side). Invite ONLY friends who live a practical distance from your event. EVEN BETTER – follow up with a brief personal Facebook message to make it personal and to let them know they have been personally invited. Many people have their notifications for invites switched off so this will let them know about the invite.


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