Stewart Mac

Singer, songwriter and general dreamer.

“It’s all about the songs”….that’s the reply you’ll get from Stewart if you ask him what singles him out from the current crop of ‘singer/songwriters’! “If there’s no song it doesn’t matter if you’re the best looking, best dressed, best managed guy, signed to the biggest record label with the biggest budget…people buy into the music…it’s where it all starts and that’s what makes it happen. Nothing else”.

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In his relatively short time performing as a solo artist, with his own material, this 28 year old from North London has built up a reputation as a singer and songwriter with huge potential, but also one that possesses something that little bit different! There’s no end to the amount of guys with acoustic guitars and pretty songs about catching someone’s eye on the tube…but Stewart’s songs aim a little higher than that. Having spent over a year in the studio with renowned producer Dave Brant, he has developed a collection of songs featuring soaring arrangements, epic production and the kind melodies that will stick in your brain for weeks, months, maybe years or even a lifetime!

With material that deals with everything from hope and aspiration to defeat and rejection, Stewart’s debut album ‘From Cautious Intent’ is a sweeping mix of expertly crafted songs that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that’ll leave you reeling like you’ve been hit by a double-decker bus, but somehow feeling all the better for it!!